Generate API credentials in BeyondTrust

  1. Login to BeyondTrust tenant using Username and Password.

  2. Navigate to Configuration → General -> Connectors.

  1. Click Recycle Client Secret and click Recycle.


  1. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for a later step.

Setup BeyondTrust Application Integration on Zilla

  1. Visit the Zilla application and login using your admin credentials and then click on Add Application in the top right.

  1. A window with a search bar appears, type in BeyondTrust in the search bar and hit enter. BeyondTrust app entry will appear at the top of the list, click Add to Applications button to the right.

  1. Fill in the form with appropriate details and then click Add to Applications.


  1. The BeyondTrust app will be added to the applications tab.

  2. A detailed view of BeyondTrust application appears. Click Sync now in top right corner.


  1. Enable API Integration. Enter the API hostname, Client Id and Client Secret obtained above into the respective text boxes and click Sync Now/Next.

  1. Click Next and the sync will begin. Click Done.

  1. Successful sync will pop up below details of sync.